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OPENTHOS is an independent, open beginning System software project established Android-x86. It has a lengthy note of features, just like additional comparable operating plans established Android-x86 excluding OPENTHOS is Open Beginning.


OpenthOS OverviewSummary
DescriptionOpenthOS is an independent, open-source operating system project based on Android-x86. It offers a range of features similar to other Android-x86-based operating systems but stands out as an open-source alternative. Users can install OpenthOS on their PCs by loading the ISO file and creating a bootable flash drive. The project is hosted on GitHub, and the official website supports both Eastern and English languages.
OpenthOS EmulatorOpenthOS is a PC operating system developed by Android – It runs Android apps alongside Linux apps, providing a unique experience – Open-source project, and the source code is available on GitHub.
Features– Free and open-source OS based on Android-x86 – Eastern-inspired interface with a taskbar, file explorer, and more – Multi-window control, task manager, and improved PC performance – 60FPS graphics frame rate with low latency – Updated apps and full disk encryption with biometrics – Fine-grained permission control and app privacy features – Lightweight native GUI – UEFI Boot Manager with support for Windows, Linux, and OS X.
Installing OpenthOS1. Download the OpenthOS image file. 2. Create a bootable USB drive using a tool like Rufus or Win32 Disk Imager. 3. Boot from the USB. 4. Select language and connect to Wi-Fi. 5. The system will start, and you can use and install Android apps.
Pros & ConsPros: – Flexible interface – Secure and user-friendly – App privacy features – File encryption with access proof – Pre-installed apps like Microsoft Office, Command Terminal, WPS Office, VLC player, Note, and more – Free and open-source – Taskbar, File Explorer, and UI similar to Windows and Linux. Cons: – it is a unique open-source OS, and there may be a learning curve for some users.
Downloading OpenthOSit can be downloaded from the official website. For USB installation, use tools like Balena Etcher to flash the OpenthOS image to the USB drive. Users can select between Eastern and English language options during installation.
Design of OpenthOSIt features a professional-looking interface with elements resembling Windows 10, including a taskbar, Start menu, and notification panel. The design aims to provide a familiar PC-like experience for users.
ConclusionIt offers a secure and private Android-based PC operating system with a range of customization options. While it may have a different learning curve, its features, performance, and open-source nature make it a viable choice for users seeking an alternative Android OS on their PCs.

You can load the ISO file concerning this computer software for basic operation and create a bootable flash drive you can use to straightforwardly boot outside, establishing it on the calculation. 

The beginning law is vacant on GitHub, and the authorized homepage may be established in this place.

Now, the official spot appears to be composed in the Pertaining to the orient Word, but in accordance with the project crew, you can select the English Dialect when trying to establish the OS. 

Download : Phoenix OS

OpenthOS Emulator:

OpenthOS Emulator
OpenthOS Emulator

OpenthOS is a computer software for basic operation established by Robot.

It runs Robot requests in addition to Linux uses next to each other; this is a first of allure kind commotion. Different Like a man structure are remix OS, Completeness OS Robot x86 builds.

The OpenthOS is grown by Pertaining to the orient builders and it is likewise an open-beginning project. If you are a planner, the beginning law of it is feasible on GitHub.

Well, meeting expectations Open Thos, new report concerning this computer software for basic operation while novel this item was 2.0.

Properly this Like a man PC OS is present in two together Pertaining to the orient and English style that individual can select while establishing it.

Download : Emulator



– Free, open beginning OS established Robot-x86

– Embellished freedom established Pertaining to the orient flags and algorithms

– Actual multi-fenestra controller, task organizer, file trailblazer and more

– Revised PC act

– 60FPS illustration frame rate, depressed abeyance

– Well advanced uses

– Brimming disc encryption and biometrics contained

– Fine consent control and request seclusion: rights disguising

– Inconsequential native GUI

– UEFI Boot Producer accompanying support for Fenestella, Linux and OS X

– Joined cloud duties real-occasion, multi-report cloud synchronism backups of dossier directories

– Coordinate accompanying different PC (Bows Linux Desktop computer) to approach on movable ploys and browsers

– End-to-end encryption, care of dossier solitude

– Everything accompanying different instruments: wear, phones and different smart ploys established Like a man

– Planned to address the Centre issues of personal computer operating methods.

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Installing OpenThos:

Installing OpenThos
Installing OpenThos

The establishment process consists of 5 steps.

  • Log in the OpenThos image file.
  • Blaze it to a USB drive utilizing a finish in the way that Rufus or win32 figure novelist.
  • Boot from the USB.
  • Select terminology and combine it to Wi-Fi.
  • It will start, you can establish the robot app and start utilizing it.
  • It’s considered that you use a USB drive in addition to it, this habit does not brush your calculating bootloader facts. You can really establish It on your computer storage if you wish, so, understand these commands.
  • OpenThos is the Robot-located computer software for basic operation that can support a fully developed Robot X86 knowledge on PC accompanying supplementary apps and functions. 
  • It is established free and open-beginning (Foss) Like a man OS named Like a man-X86, even though the base of two together PC Robot operating arrangements is the alike, look and feel is completely varied. 
  • The OpenThos looks very professional accompanying Apertures 10 like interfaces to a degree Taskbar, My calculating image, and right-side announcement committee.

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Pros & Cons:


  • Flexible OpenThos Looks
  • Secure and foolproof
  • Request safety toilet
  • Dossier partition file accompanying approach proof.
  • Pre-equipped uses to a degree Microsoft Commission, Command Terminal, WPS commission, VLC performer, Note, and more…
  • Free, open-beginning OS established Like a man-x86.
  • Linux/Fenestra 10 like Taskbar, Announcement committee, File Trailblazer and images.
  • Outstanding accomplishment.
  • 60FPS illustration frame rate.
  • Instinctive Program that controls display (GUI).
  • Brimming disc encryption possible.


  • OpenThos is a singular open-beginning computer software for basic operation that has existed devised accompanying freedom and solitude in mind. 
  • This computer software for basic operation was established by the Robot Open Beginning Project (AOSP) and has changed to supply consumers with secure and private estimating surroundings.
  • It is still created, expected, convenient and instinctive, making it smooth for even those accompanying restricted electronics to start utilizing the OS without difficulty.
  • The systems program involves a range of customization alternatives, admitting consumers to embody the operating system to their fondness. 
  • This involves the capability to change the look and feel of the OS, in addition to the strength to tailor-make the UI to suit their advantages.
  • In conditions of efficiency, OpenThos is devised and expected inconsequential and fast, guaranteeing that it runs flatly on an off-course range of designs.

Downloading OpenThos OS for PC:

Downloading Open Thos OS for PC
Downloading Open Thos OS for PC

New exact likeness of the OpenThos that is feasible to log in is in Plate figure file layout that is to say IMG not in ISO that may be a question for dignitary.

Still, the earlier report 1.o is handy in two together ISO and IMG, I hope speedily the 2.0 will more be vacant in ISO. In this place is the link for OpenThos Load.

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Step 1:

Before the load is achieved, allure period to set it on a USB drive, for fear that we can establish or use it live place always we want or just tap on Download

Step 2:

Take not completely 8GB of Pen Drive and put it into the Fenestella 10 or Desktop computer whole.

Step 3:

Balena Graver operating system to flash the Open Thos. IMG to Flash USB drive. It is applicable for two Dormers and Desktop computers. Attending is the Load link for Graver

Step 4:

Establish the Graver and run it. From the allure screen, click on the Select Countenance alternative and select the same-downloaded exact likeness Open Thos and therefore select the USB drive that you are going to create bootable. Afterwards these two belongings completely, click on the Flash fastener.

Step 5:

Before the flickering of Open Thos OS is finished. Bounce the Pen drive and put it to the bureaucracy place you are going to establish it.

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Design of OpenthOS:

Design of OpenthOS
Design of OpenthOS

It is the highest ranked Robot PC OS, I have always second-hand. Even the Robot x86 that is located concerning this operation is not beneficial and developed, like it. 

Subsequently, the first screen that comes at the front is absolutely amazing. The intimate Personal computer atmosphere as you can visualize in the beneath screenshot.

Unchanging intimate taskbar, Mu Calculating image, and start knob that are extremely like the Apertures OS. 

So, those are used to Bows or Linux operating structures will not make use of receive some somewhat question in the OpenthOS free OpenThos supports a roomy range of file plans, making it smooth for consumers to find and use the files they need.​

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So, overall being a free and open-beginning order, we don’t have some illnesses because it is better than Someone precious and the original Robot X86 OS.

If you equate the Open Thos OS and Something of two together are favourite Android operating orders and established the original Like a man X86 project.

It is better by way of use and ease valuable containing acting. Latest fashion that may set newbies in some trouble is allure Platter representation file that is to say is accessible in IMG layout not in ISO; I am proverb this because most of the in-essence Machines support this layout.

So, even to experiment with this Android software for basic operation; we should create an OpenthOS bootable Pen drive first.

But I understand, in the approaching months, the ISO exact likeness allure most recent form will be vacant excessively.


Q.1) Is OpenthOS secure?

Answer – OpenthOS offline installer ISO is a free and open-beginning computer software for basic operation Robot established Like a man-x86 grown by OpenthOS Group. It’s plain to cooperate so almost anyone, like a novice or newcomer can use it. Accompanying the computer software for basic operation, like a man is intelligent and expected to fix trade safety.

Q.2) Is OpenthOS customizable?

Answer – OpenthOS legitimately lets consumers catch fruitful by way of allure customizability, skilled is exactly a use for all and the computer software for basic operation doesn’t limit some use like default Like a man-x86. High-quality feature and benefit that gives the consumer, by any means, is the capability to custom-make, admitting for tertiary-body keyboards, diallers, browsers, and runtime programs.

Q.3) Is OpenthOS free?

Answer – All programs and tricks are not accommodated in our home. If you own the copyrights filed on our site and you are going to erase it, please contact us. OpenthOS is authorized as shareware or free, for Bows 32 slice and 64 sample computer software for basic operation outside limit.

Q.4) Is it End-to-end encrypted?

Answer – End-to-end encryption keeps your facts private moreover secure. Brimming plate encryption and biometrics are contained in the computer software for basic operation. Your ploy will be dependable from rights disguising cause this structure has fine consent controls as well as use seclusion.

Q.5) Is OpenthOS available for private computers?

Answer – Yes, the computer software for basic operation is advanced for depressed-end schemes, making it an ideal choice for those who want a secure and private computer software for basic operation that can gossip earlier or less effective instruments. 

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