NDS Emulators – Download Nintendo DS for Android 2024

NDS Emulator exists as a Nintendo DS adversary for Android that lets you perform each of the games from this influential help-grasped wager comfort from Game on computer. We’re speaking about plots from the Pokémon story, Excellent Mario, Castle Vania, and Last Dream, with many remainders of something.

My NDS EmulatorDesigned for Android devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up, My NDS Emulator offers customizable on-screen controls and supports linking controllers like the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. It provides an option for users to tailor-make their gaming experience by adjusting controls to their preferences.
NDS4droidNDS4droid is a long-standing emulator for Android devices, offering basic functionality and ease of use. While it may not have received recent updates, it remains a reliable option for early DS emulation. NDS4droid includes features like save states and support for Operation Replay cheats. It also extends support to the OUYA gaming console.
RetroArchRetroArch is a versatile multi-platform emulator supporting various consoles, including Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and more. With RetroArch, users can customize their gaming experience using cores to emulate different systems. It offers features like save states, customizable controls, and even allows users to develop and play homebrew games using the Libretro API. RetroArch provides a comprehensive emulation solution across different platforms.
DraStic DS EmulatorDraStic DS Emulator is highly regarded for its performance and features. It offers a wide range of pre-loaded cheats and allows users to backup save states directly to Google Drive. Additionally, it supports external controller input and offers enhanced graphical options. While it performs well on most devices, it shines on high-end smartphones and tablets.
LemuroidLemuroid, similar to RetroArch, is a multi-console emulator utilizing Libretro cores to emulate various systems, including Nintendo DS. It offers standard features like save states, customizable on-screen controls, and support for external controllers. Lemuroid distinguishes itself with features like complex save syncing, providing users with a convenient and customizable emulation experience.

Nintendo DS emulators for Robot manage to play DS plots on your smartphone or capsule. Skilled are various competitors favourable DS opponents for Robot, most of that are entirely free.

To play Nintendo DS trick on Robot, you must load Type of computer storage. Computer game types of computer storage are free on computer networks through tide websites. Confirm to establish an antivirus program before downloading files from the computer network.

NDS Emulator (Nintendo DS)

NDS Emulators - Download Nintendo DS for Android 2024

The adversary has a pretty extreme rapport rate, that method that nearly all games will work right. That said, the fluency of most types of computer storage depends on your robot model. 

Few entertainments are pretty challenging, and if you have a tool accompanying an inferior 2 gigabytes of Run into, therefore it’s likely that its power will indeed slow. In these cases, you try to decommission the sound, which usually helps the entertainment’ act.

Usually, NDS Youth! doesn’t create some type of computer storage. You can load the Game on computer DS type of computer storage from some individual or common people pages that acquire information bureaucracy. 

NDS Emulator is a good Nintendo DS adversary for Robot that offers tons of supplementary arrangement alternatives. Best of all, it lets you start the controls you want.

Types of NDS Emulator

NDS Emulators - Download Nintendo DS for Android 2024

My NDS Emulator

My NDS Opponent is created to befriend instruments running Like a man 6.0 (Easily pleased) and up, but it likewise runs on Like a man 5.0 (Lollipop), so it’s an appropriate alternative for earlier phones. 

You can tailor-make the on-screen controls and link controllers for additional structures, in the way that the Game on computer Switch Pleasure-Cons, to play DS trick on your Like a man design.


NDS4droid has been around for a very long time. Even though it hasn’t taken some amends recently, the beginning law is effortlessly usable, and it’s a stockpile of news for builders concerned in early DS imitation. 

NDS4droid involves many extra facial characteristics, to a degree sustain states and included Operation Duplicate cheats. It even supports tricks for the OUYA game comfort.


RetroArch is a multifunction computer game adversary for each manifest, from Robot to Linux. The Robot report supports tricks for the Game on computer DS, Game Lad Advance, and the original Game Child, in addition to relieving plot and non-Game on computer plans. 

That is pronounced, you must load the centre of each opponent. You can even play and conceive your homebrew entertainment for DS accompanying the Libretto API.

DraStic DS Adversary

The Extreme DS Opponent is intensely good. It suggests a large group of pre-tricky cheats and lets you move backward preserve state dossiers straightforwardly to your Google Drive Cloud. Skillet’s even an alternative to reinforce the drawings. 

It too contains each feature about all of the additional emulators on this list, to a degree extrinsic boss support. While Extreme DS everything on like a man instrument, it acts best on larger-end phones and tablets.


Lemuroid is plenty like RetroArch, filed beneath. Two together are multi-comfort emulators that use Libretto cores to mirror an assortment of consoles. Agreed, that contains the Game on computer DS. Lemuroid faces the typical stuff, like sustain states, customizable on-hide controls, fitting boss support, as well as more. 

It again involves a few new comforts like confusing preserve syncing. We believe it competes very opportunely accompanying RetroArch, as well as you can use either individual and still be making a proper resolution.

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Features of NDS Emulator

NDS Emulators - Download Nintendo DS for Android 2024

  • You are in this place to play Pokemon DS: Game on computer DS unshared Pokemon entertainment that ties you to your past. Pokemon is the reason I like to have a Game on computer DS adversary for PC. 
  • Your ability to play added games on computer entertainment to a degree Mario, The Folklore of Zelda, Metroid Prime Chasers, etc. 
  • However, attending is few of highest in rank Game on computer DS emulators that will admit you to play Pokemon trick on PC and Like a man
  • On the bright side of the situation, you grant permission for tons of customization in drawings and imitation scenes. Skilled are additional supplementary valuable looks in the way that cheat law organizer, and USB boss support. 
  • The NDS Emulator opponent still offers a preserve place feature that authorizes you in the second place the game from what or which place you stopped.
  • While DeSmuMe is common with Game on computer DS fans, there are few questions accompanying the open-beginning project. Exemplification, planners exceptionally touched the project and the last constant modernization appeared back in 2015. 
  • Apart from that, plenty of Pokemon Plot are not by means of the opponent nevertheless you can still play ruling class. Still, being skilled has no WIFI ambition.
  • Different from DeSmuMe, this adversary for Personal computer lacks many of the ambition and pictorial alternatives, still, it surpasses in few regions in the way that the very correct rendition of DS plot.

Download NDS Emulator Latest 2024

NDS Emulators - Download Nintendo DS for Android 2024

OpenEMU is another front-end spreadsheet for different comfort emulators. This adversary for PC isn’t much different from RetroArch in terms of financed consoles and ambition alternatives.

  • Make a visit to the official website or just tap on Download
  • Nevertheless, the extremely well modernized UI of OpenEMU creates it from all the different emulators. 
  • If you are a Desktop computer consumer, the connection will mention iTunes. Instance, the opponent shows box skill for entertainment and sort ruling class for one plank. 
  • The lack of various drawing background’s ability upset many consumers. Moreover, I didn’t visualize the alternative to increase within judgment in my experiment. 
  • Entirely different is considerably skilled in the Game on computer opponent to a degree screen chart alternatives, preserve states, cheat rule support, etc. 
  • Skilled is an enormous list of boss support that involves DualShock, Switch Supporting, Wii mote, and more. 
  • Completely, OpenEMU is the best DS emulator for desktop computers.


  • Maybe the substance is that this adversary is plain and smooth to catch. You shouldn’t handle bugs and ambition issues.
  • The imitation can run flatly and the visual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves is clear. The opponent again has few neat appearances in-game that you can use like sustain states.
  • The Neon DS is smooth to catch, and it doesn’t have some issues when it meets expectations mirroring the entertainment. It too has preserved states and supports cheats to use.
  • The screen dividing may be a good plan in a few cases and you can change the determination. You can more regulate the vehicle propelled by ejection of pressurized gas or liquid speed on the one to manage fast or greatly faster.


  • Setting up the scenes for this adversary may be complicated. If you don’t experience the added scene agreements like thought room, sound drives, and so forth before this will be very complicated to use.
  • The proneness is certainly place; it is merely a plain opponent. It doesn’t have a fast preserve and fast load feature. It doesn’t support cheats in addition to a vehicle propelled by ejection of pressurized gas or liquid knob.
  • The opponent doesn’t support cheats because maybe a defect, but skilled are no added issues accompanying the imitation process.


However, the extremely well modernized UI of OpenEMU forms it from all the different emulators. If you are a Mac consumer, the connection will remind you of iTunes. In this way, the opponent shows box skill for plot and sorting the ruling class apiece program. 

The lack of various drawings backgrounds upset many consumers. Also, I didn’t visualize the alternative to increase within determination in my experiment. Everything different is somewhat skilled in the Nintendo opponent to a degree screen design alternatives, sustain states, cheat rule support, etc. There is a massive list of boss support.

Frequently Asked Questions on NDS Emulators:

Q.1) How to range Pokemon on a Personal computer?

Answer –  You can play Pokemon tricks on a Personal computer by way of Nintendo DS emulators to a degree Melons, NO$GBA, OpenEMU, as well as more. Nevertheless, we will go for one Computer game. NDS trick is criminal, in spite of the association not producing DS tricks anymore and for no services.

Q.2) Is DeSmuMe a good opponent?

Answer –  DeSmuMe is an individual of highest rank. Similarly, emulators for Personal computers are not criminal, but downloading and manoeuvre on the alike adversary is illegitimate. Although, skilled have happened various frames of reference on the subject.

Q.3) Is DeSmuMe deserted?

Answer –  No, DeSmuMe has not deserted. Even though the last fixed build was informed back in 2015, you can even fix the traditional build accompanying new executable patch. The app is no inferior to the DS emulators on Personal computers when it meets expectations. So, you have controllers to support, sustain states, knob plans, etc.

Q.4) Can DeSmuMe act 3DS as well as GBA plot?

Answer –  Yes, the DeSmuMe adversary can imitate all NDS handheld game consoles. Therefore, consumers can play 3DS tricks utilizing the DeSmuMe adversary. However, it cannot suit GBA entertainment. The app further admits you to increase the within judgment. However, anticipate high-quality potential only above smartphone arrangement smartphones.

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