Download Android Studio Emulator 2023

Android Studio is the authorized integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s Android computer software for basic operation, produced on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA shareware and created expressly for Android advancement.

IDE NameAndroid Studio
TypeIntegrated Development Environment (IDE)
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
HistoryAnnounced in 2013, became the official IDE after Eclipse ADT support ended
FeaturesGradle-based build, Android-specific refactoring, code analysis, lint checks, ProGuard, templates, rich layout editor, cloud platform integration, virtual device for testing
ModulesAndroid app module, Feature module, Library module
ActivitiesNo Activity, Basic Activity, Bottom Navigation Activity, Empty Activity, Fullscreen Activity, Google Maps Activity, Login Activity, Navigation Drawer Activity
RequirementsIntermediate computer skills, understanding of hardware and OS
Download(Download Link is Below) Visit Android Studio download page, accept license, download for your platform
AdvantagesOfficial, feature-rich, regular updates, integration with Google services
DisadvantagesResource-intensive, learning curve for beginners

It is usable for load on Windows, computer software for basic operation and Linux located operating orders. It is a substitute for the Eclipse Android Development Tools (E-ADT) as the basic IDE for native Android use.

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History of Android Studio:

History of Android Studio
History of Android Studio

Android Studio was declared on May 16, 2013, at the Google I/O colloquium.

It was in early approach viewing stage offset from rendition 0.1 in May 2013, therefore filed being tested stage offset from story 0.8 that was announced in June 2014.

The first fixed build was freed in December 2014, offset from interpretation 1.0.

At the end of 2015, Google discontinued support for Eclipse ADT, making Android Studio the only regularly backed IDE for Android incident.

Features of the Android Studio:

The following face are supported in the current resistant version:

  • Gradle-located build support
  • Android-distinguishing refactoring and keen fixes
  • Lint forms to catch conduct, utility, story rapport and added questions
  • ProGuard unification and app-signing competencies
  • Template-located sharks to forge universal Android designs and elements
  • A rich geography redactor that admits consumers to drag-and-drop UI elements, alternative to viewing layouts on diversified screen configurations
  • Support for construction Android Wear apps
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, permissive unification accompanying Firebase Cloud Messaging and Google App Engine
  • Android Virtual Device to run and troubleshoot apps in the Android workshop.

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Different Modules of Android Studio:

Different Modules of Android Studio
Different Modules of Android Studio


A piece is an accumulation of beginning files and build backgrounds that allow you separate your project into individual parts of use.

Your project can have individual or many modules, and individual pieces can use another piece as a reliance. 

Additional modules are beneficial when forming rule athenaeums inside your own project or when you are going to find various sets of rule and possessions for various ploy types, in the way that phones and wearables.

Android app module

Provides a crate for your app’s beginning law, property files, and app-level scenes, in the way that the piece-level build file and Android Manifest file.

When you establish a new project, the default app piece is chosen as “app.”

Android Studio : Types of app modules:

  • Phone & Tablet
  • Automotive
  • Wear OS
  • Television
  • Baseline Profile Generator
  • Benchmark

Each piece supplies essential files as well as few law templates that are appropriate for the equivalent app or maneuver type. For more news on increasing a piece, state Add a piece for a new ploy.

Feature module

Represents a modularized feature of your app that can impose upon Play Feature Delivery.

For example, accompanying feature modules, you can determine your consumers’ accompanying physiognomy of your app on demand or as instant knowledge through Google Play Instant.

Android Studio- Emulator offers the following types of feature modules:

  • Dynamic Feature Module
  • Instant Dynamic Feature Library Module
  • To determine more, state about Play Feature Delivery.

Library module

Provides a carton for your recyclable law, that you can use as a reliance on added app modules or significance into added projects.

Structurally, a bibliotheca piece is the same as an app piece, but when buxom, it devises a law collection file.

In the Create New Module fenestration, Android Studios offers the following types of study modules:

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Android Library: 

Contains all file types financed in an Android project except native C++ law, containing Java and Kotlin beginning law, money, and manifest files.

The build result is an Android Archive (AAR) file that you can increase as a reliance for your Android app modules.

Android Native Library: 

Contains all file types backed in an Android project, comparable to an Android Library. However, Android Native Libraries likewise can hold native beginning law.

The build result is an Android Archive (AAR) file that you can adjoin as a reliance for your Android app modules.

Java or Kotlin Library: 

Contains only Kotlin or Java beginning files. The build result is a Java Archive (JAR) file that you can add as a dependency for your Android app modules or other Kotlin or Java projects.

Modules are consistently referred to as subprojects, because Gradle too refers to modules as projects.

Activities done by Android Studio:

Activities done by Android Studio
Activities done by Android Studio

No Activity

As the name implies No Activity resources generating a new empty project.

When the planner selects this venture skill will be neither an XML file nor a Java/Kotlin file. No files are instinctively produced when you select No Activity.

Basic Activity

Basic Activity designs a new fundamental endeavour accompanying the guiding along route, often over water.

When the planner selects the elementary project, therefore you will generate a card knob, and you will again catch a buoyant operation fastener.

Bottom Navigation Activity

Bottom Navigation Activity establishes a new venture accompanying bottom navigations. We all have encounter apps that hold a Bottom Navigation Bar. Some well-known models involve Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Empty Activity

This is a standard action and we repeatedly select this project when we start expanding a robot project. It completely conceives a new empty project.

Fullscreen Activity

Fullscreen exercise builds a new project that toggles the perceptibility of bureaucracy UI (rank and guiding along route, often over water bars) and operation bar upon consumer interplay.

Many apps are utilizing Full-Screen Activity to have an appealing screen to show slides etc.

Google Maps Activity

Android permits us to mix google maps at our request. One can show some area on the plan or can show miscellaneous routes on the outline etc.

One can likewise custom-make the design in accordance with the selections.

Login Activity

As the name implies Login Activity generates a new login project, allowing consumers to list an electronic mail address and identification to transfer data from one computer system to another or to register accompanying the user. 

Android Navigation Drawer is a flowing abandoned card used to display the main links in the request.

The Navigation items in containers create it smooth to guide along route, often over water as well as from between those links.

Requirements to Download Android Studio :

Intermediate calculating abilities, containing understanding file form and utilizing somewhat complex uses, to a degree a computer program, document processing program, and photograph redactor.

Computer traveling abilities, because you can open and regulate scenes and recognize gateway and computer software for basic operation (OS) adaptations.

Ability to confirm structure necessities (platter and thought room necessities, and screen determination), and to load, establish, and renovate operating systems.

Downloading the Android Studio :

Downloading the Android Studio
Downloading the Android Studio
  • Open some netting gateway and make use of this link Android Studio.
  • This is the Android Developers ground; place you can log in Android Studio. This page without thinking detects your computer software for basic operation.
  • Click Download. The Terms and environments page accompanying the Android Studio license arrangement opens.
  • Read the license contract.
  • At the bottom of the page, if you concur the conditions and environments, check “I have express and suit duplicate agreements and environments”.
  • Click Download for… to start the load.
  • When incited, preserve the file to a district place you can surely establish it (e.g., the Desktop or Downloads binder).
  • Wait for the load to complete. This can take a while, as well as may be a good importance to hold few beverage


Android Studio uses an Apply Changes feature to push law and capital changes to a running user.

A law redactor assists the planner accompanying novel rule and contribution rule accomplishment, refraction and reasoning. 


Q.1) What is Android Studio used for?

Answer –  It determines a complete IDE, containing a leading rule editor and app templates. It again holds finishes for growth, debugging, experiment, and act that manage faster and smooth to cultivate apps.

Q.2) Which is better: flap or Android Studio?

Answer –  Flutter is superior to Android Studio in many good wishes on account of allure Hot Load range of capabilities. Whereas, Android Studio allows the incident of native Android uses, that are more working than cross-program requests

Q.3) Is Android Studio free to use?

Answer –  Android Studio is free to load and builders can use the spreadsheet outside at some cost. However, if consumers are going to issue their devised apps to the Google Play Store, they need to pay off the highest quality-period enrolment wage of $25 to transfer data to an app server.

Q.4) How to arrange Android Studio?

Answer –  Drag the Android Studio image to the Applications binder. In the Applications file, double-click the Android Studio image to initiate the Android Studio Setup Wizard. If you visualize a warning about establishing or running a file downloaded from the Internet

Q.5) Is Android Studio secure?

Answer –  Android Development is not only a smooth ability to determine, but again very standard. By education Android Development, you present yourself a high-quality attainable chance to reach some course aims you set.

Q.6) Can I use Android Studio on my phone?

Answer –  To let Android Studio correspond accompanying your Android design, you must allow USB troubleshooting in the Developer alternatives scenes of the design. To show planner alternatives and authorize USB troubleshooting

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