7 Best Nintendo Ds Emulator for Pc Download 2023

DS Emulators are just the copy of a computer system. It can be either a softer or harder that makes the user install various types of applications without being actually installed as a DS emulator for PC download. 

EmulatorKey FeaturesDownload Link
NO$GBASupports Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games. Offers multiplayer and save state features.Download
OpenEMUFeatures a well-organized UI and supports various consoles, including DS.Download
DeSmuMeKnown for accuracy and compatibility. Supports Windows and Linux.Download
CitraA powerful 3DS emulator with 4K support, netplay, and more.Download
iDeasOffers easy gameplay for titles like Pokemon and Mario. Supports cheat codes and game progress saving.Download
LemuroidA free and ad-free Android DS emulator that also supports other consoles.Download
MelonDSOffers accuracy, 3D graphics, touchscreen support, and more. Supports Windows and Linux.Download
RetroArchA highly flexible emulator supporting various consoles. Features multiplayer and 4K upscaling.Download

It is often referred to as a guest part or a Guest system, 7 Best Nintendo Ds Emulator for Pc Download

In general emulators refers to the ability of a system or a software to emulate a particular program or software. This content is all about the best DS emulator for PC.

DS Emulator:

The Nintendo DS is one of the ultimate familiar handheld Nintendo game consoles that started everywhere in 2004 as well as 2005.

That is the reason, here post, we are making use of visualizing few of the best choice Nintendo DS Emulators for Windows.

However, they can be somewhat high-priced, in spite of on paper they are low-priced, they don’t fit the estimate of DS emulators for PC download consumers, likewise, few consumers are not able to maintain small change on a device just to play games. 

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC Download

Following are few of best choice DS emulator for PC download:

  • NO$GBA
  • OpenEMU
  • DeSmuMe
  • Citra
  • IDeas
  • Lemuroid
  • MelonDS
  • RetroArch



The Nintendo DS is noted as one of best choice wager consoles, and to catch the maximum occurrence of sleepiness, the first advice is NO$GBA.

Not only can performers savor Nintendo DS games, but they can further have the occurrence of acting Game Boy Advance games.

Well, programmers can use the debugged history concerning this emulator, when in fact gamers can approach the common form for traditional models like Mario, Pokemon, thus. 

And the best choice part about this deal is the freedom to enter to all concerning this- not a distinct smaller currency in exchange for larger is necessary DS emulator for PC download.


  • NO$GBA is force to grant when expect a responsive opponent, it supports miscellaneous forms, including preserve states
  • Flash thought saves, in-game saves, extreme-judgment paraphrase, fashionable drawings, and a multiplayer connected to the internet group providing support to members. 
  • The list of features does not end at present, we can again record our gameplay, tailor-make bypass answers and controls, thus. 
  • So all-in-all, NO$GBA is a complete-capacity bundle emulator that demands you to check it out.
  • Go to nogba.com to log in the finished DS emulator for PC download.

7. OpenEMU


OpenEMU is another front-end program for different comfort emulators. This opponent for PC isn’t much different from RetroArch in agreements of financed consoles and imitation alternatives.

However, the extremely well modernized UI of OpenEMU creates it from all the different DS emulators for PC download. If you are a Mac consumer, the connection will remind you of iTunes. 


  • For instance, the opponent shows box cunning for plot and sorting the ruling class apiece terrace. 
  • To play Nintendo DS plot, OpenEMU creates DeSmuMe opponent DS emulator for PC download.
  • The lack of various graphics background’s ability upset many consumers. 
  • Also, it didn’t visualize the alternative to increase within resolution in my testing.

6. DeSmuMe


Moving to another one of the free emulators, DeSmuMe is separate from those emulators that it hopes to avoid on this deal with the DS emulator for PC download. 

It’s then a famous-name popular between gamers for allure rapport and support for principal part Operating Systems containing computer software for basic operation and Linux. 

Accessing plenty of DS trick is likely, nevertheless, we can still customize control from an assortment of recommendation systems to a degree row of keys, rodent, gamepad, touch screen, thus.


  • If you are a fan of a few traditional models like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Mario Kart DS, and New Super Mario Bros, consider choosing DeSmuMe.
  • Just like the first adversary, DeSmuMe has multiplayer, and outside gamepad support, creates an excess of DS trick
  • X432R, specifies a high-quality program judgment, and visual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves imitation.
  • Sharing a secret accompanying you, DeSmuMe further admits to using cheat codes to learn the plot. 
  • This emulator may be a DS emulator for PC download.

5. iDeas


One of the reasons why plans is a something or someone important in wager humankind is because it supports NDS functionalities and multiple ROMs.

Using this adversary is pretty natural accompanying allure foolproof connect and inconsequential design. 

Plans adversary’s list of looks does not end attending as it again determines sketch buttons and modifying boss backgrounds. To load plans, make use of plans.en.load.it DS emulator for PC download.


  • A good wager happening of Mario 64 and Pokemon accompanying no hassle by any means is pledged by this adversary. 
  • A few errors sporadically are not that great of a concern and are the only minor disadvantages of a DS emulator for PC download.
  • There’s a tricky list of features, to a degree gambling Nintendo DS plot accompanying 3D support, touchscreen, and mic recommendation.
  • In addition to a sustain state feature, conditional the progress for fear that you can abandon the game period you want. 

4. MelonDS


Again, a free opponent, MelonDS is the next on the list of favourable Nintendo DS adversaries for Windows.

This opponent is fashioned to gossip not only Windows but Linus and computer software for basic operation OF consumers can more have the happiness to use this. 


  • Promising accuracy and act are what this emulator offers. 
  • For smart imitation, JIT recompiler, 3D drawings, touchscreen recommendation, mike recommendation, television climbing, and permeating are just a few of the faces.
  • MelonDS creates a smooth-to-use connect, support for 3D replica, multiplayer network, touchscreen, and mic input
  • The main part of the Nintendo DS plot, that is record gameplay movies, conditional entertainment at any time you are going to and the list continues. 
  • Navigate to melonds.kuribo64.net to load the opponent DS emulator for PC download.

3. Citra


Undoubtedly, Citra is the best choice Nintendo 3DS emulator to play Pokemon games on Personal computer. Even with an average method, you can run various 3DS titles at entire graphics and extreme resolution.

Citra too follows suit 3DS local Wi-Fi. In other words, you can play multiplayer accompanying different community running entertainment on this DS emulator.

Citra is more usable on Android, making it the only occupied Nintendo 3DS adversary on Android.


  • The Nintendo 3DS emulator authorizes consumers to set within judgments up to 4K, whatever takes Pokemon plot
  • As well as The Legend of Zelda gaming occurrence to a whole new region. As for the titles, Citra’s official site has a portion place 
  • You can examine the empathy of the Nintendo 3DS plot accompanying the PC opponent.
  • Back to the program — there is joystick help, screen chart alternatives, and cheat law support. 
  • The Nintendo opponent offers an inside screen, something that marks a DS emulator for PC download. 

2. Lemuroid

Lemuroid is another Nintendo DS adversary for Android consumers. Unlike DraStic, the one is entirely free to use as well as is an ad-free DS emulator for PC download.

In addition to the Nintendo DS, Lemuroid offers help for many additional orders in the way that Atari 2600 (A26), Atari 7800 (A78), Atari Lynx, Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Game Boy (GB), Game Boy Color as well as a lot more.


  • You will win all the necessary visages in the way that keen save as well as gamepad maintain DS emulator for PC download.
  • You can link in addition to the individual gamepad also. 
  • The Android app for performing Nintendo plots still has a guide where you can visualize all your games.

1. RetroArch


In conditions of flexibility and unity, RetroArch comes first on the list. Again, free open-beginning program that authorizes playing games from differing beginnings. It has a very non-difficult connect that admits gamers to approach the DS entertainment.

By way of either row of keys or boss inputs. These inputs provoke the original relief’ s knob and touch screen. For a better occurrence, it has net play, 4K upscaling, and not to ignore, appliance interpretation.


  • RetroArch supports multiplayer in addition to 2DS, 3DS, U, Switch, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, and so forth. 
  • Apart from these, gamepads, arcades, sticks, and keyboards are also by means of this adversary. 
  • We cannot neglect that it further admits us to use cheat codes, record the screen, and without thinking about the progress we have created up until now in the game. 
  • You can visit retroarch.com to establish the RetroArch DS emulator for PC download


Q.1) Is Citra a DS or 3DS?

Answer – Citra is an individual of the free, open-beginning emulators fashioned for Nintendo 3DS that Windows, in addition to Linux, Android, and computer software for basic operation consumers, can approach. 

Q.2) Can Nintendo DS portray 3DS games?

Answer – The answer to this question is pretty simple, NO. It’s not attainable to run 3DS plots on some different variant of Nintendo wager consoles other than the DS emulator for PC download.

Q.3) How to play Pokemon on a Personal computer?

Answer – You can play Pokemon plot on PC by way of Nintendo DS emulators and more. The position is somewhat related to waterfall customers that themselves are not banned, but downloading downpours is.

Q.4) Is DeSmuME a good emulator?

Answer – DeSmuME is high-quality. Similarly, emulators for PC are not illegitimate, but downloading is legal. Although, skilled have happened various outlooks on the subject. However, we will elapse the DS emulator for PC download

Q.5) Is DeSmuME discarded?

Answer – No, DeSmuME has not existed deserted. Although the last constant build was situated back in 2015, you can still fix the traditional build accompanying new executable patch. So, these were few of the best DS emulators for PCs. 

Q.6) Can DeSmuME play 3DS as well as GBA games?

Answer – Yes, the DeSmuME opponent can mimic all NDS handheld game consoles. Therefore, consumers can play 3DS DS emulators for PC download utilizing the DeSmuME opponent. However, it cannot mirror GBA entertainment.

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