What is the Best GBA Emulator for Pc? Android and Windows

GBA or Game Boy Advance is specific to the chief legendary game inspirit of Nintendo. The first report of the GBA comfort was released in 2001, but later, it was renewed accompanying other histories.

Some people want to play GBA entertainment on their phones and PCs. What is the best GBA emulator for PC? So, for this, many GBA emulators are handy.

EmulatorPlatformFeaturesProsConsDownload Link (if available)
John GBA EmulatorAndroidCheat codes, customizable, smoothConvenient, customizable, cheat codesRequires Android deviceJohn GBA on Play Store
My Boy! GBA EmulatorAndroidWi-Fi controller, OpenGL, sensor supportWi-Fi controller, OpenGL, sensor supportPaid emulator for advanced featuresMy Boy! on Play Store
GBA.emu EmulatorAndroidOpen-source, BIOS support, cheatsOpen-source, BIOS support, cheatsMay have a learning curveGBA.emu on Play Store
GBA EmulatorAndroidVariety of games, operation, sportsFree to downloadAd-supported, may not be updatedSearch on Play Store
Mega GBA EmulatorAndroidSave/load states, mute soundFast and smooth emulatorLimited additional featuresSearch on Play Store
No$gba EmulatorWindowsSupports GBA and DS gamesMulti-console support, good performanceDS emulation may have issuesNo$gba Official Website
mGBA EmulatorWindowsLow system requirements, save statesLow system requirements, save statesMay lack some advanced featuresmGBA Official Website
Higan GBA EmulatorWindowsSupports various consoles, high accuracySupports various consoles, accurateRequires better hardwareHigan Official Website
BatGBA EmulatorWindowsSimple and lightweightRuns on low-end PCs, easy setupLimited features, outdated interfaceSearch for BatGBA on the web
Visual Boy AdvanceWindowsSave states, screen recording, cheatsVersatile, save states, cheat codesMay not be actively developedVisual Boy Advance on GitHub

In this item, I noticed a few of the best choice GBA emulators for PC as well as android. You can load them as their load links are further likely.

Best GBA emulators for Android

Android is the ultimate eminent OS with smartphones. More than 90% of the population use smartphones of different associations.

What is the best GBA emulator for PC?

There are many plots feasible for the robot manifesto, but still, society is going to play wager reliever’s trick. Therefore, I assembled a few news and firm ruling classes into a post, so let’s start.

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John GBA adversary

John GBA adversary
John GBA adversary

John GBA adversary is convenient for like a manoeuvre to play GBA games. You can load this app from the play store on robot instruments.

There are included cheat codes for various forms of entertainment. You can speed and hinder a game. This opponent is surely a customizable PC.

What is the best GBA emulator for PC on https://www.malavida.com/en/soft/john-gba/android/download You can establish this adversary on the two-fold-core main part of the computer accompanying 1 GB RAM.

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My Boy – GBA Emulator Android

My Boy - GBA Emulator Android
My Boy – GBA Emulator Android

My Boy! Emulator is accessible for many robot manoeuvres. This adversary has few amazing lineaments like the Wi-Fi relates to controllers.

Open GL interpretation and support of sensors (Solar, tilt and gyrator) Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC. Awesome and plain user interface accompanying the capability to miss the record into trick.

According to builders, they constituted this emulator for the Nintendo GBA suitors. You have just to log in the ROMs of the plot and take a brimming fan of the plot PC.

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GBA.emu Emulator for Android

GBA.emu emulator for android
GBA.emu emulator for android

If you exist, expect a smart, marvellous and well-financed opponent by allure builder group before you must try GBA.emu adversary on your robot tool.

You can log in the GBA.emu adversary from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fastemulator.gbafree&pcampaignid=web_share 

The sketch of GBA.EMU is its open-beginning and supports many like a man schemes. This adversary has a high-ranking of bios ambition Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC.

You can preserve the state of your game dossier too you can list cheat codes. A Wi-Fi boss and multi-touch are further financed.

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GBA emulator:

GBA adversary is applicable in Google play store for robot designs. It supports many entertainments like operation, experience, sport and racing PC.

What is the best GBA emulator for PC? You can find this app totally free accompanying the countenance that another opponent supplies.

Mega GBA Emulator

Mega GBA adversary is another inconsequential adversary for robot designs. It supports files accompanying layout.

Mega GBA is an individual of the fast and smooth adversary. Support the function like sustain and load state. You can further mute the sound of a game. You can increase diversified lines of rule in an alone line.

Although skilled, there are many entertainments available for PC but still want to use their favourite wager comfort’s entertainment on PC.

There are many GBA or Game Boy advance emulators possible for PC. You can load and establish bureaucracy on your PC and can play GBA plots.

So, let’s start accompanying the best choice GBA emulators for Windows PC.

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No$gba Emulator

No$gba emulator
No$gba emulator

No$gba opponent is an individual of the mist legendary adversary convenient for bays. This opponent is also known as the no cash GBA emulator Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC.

The climax concerning this opponent is, it supports two together GBA and DS tricks. But the DS plot can face questions. No$gba support boss and has excellent growth.

mGBA – Best Emulator

mGBA Emulator is accessible for fenestra in addition to Mac and Linux.

mGB is an inconsequential adversary and it demands Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC? a depressed level of whole necessities.

It has few supplementary features like preserving state.

Whenever you want, you can preserve your game. Also, you can increase cheat codes. mGBA has a monumental athenaeum of trick accompanying patches.

Higan GBA Emulator for PC

Higan is further a legendary adversary of GBA handy for apertures program. This adversary still supports different console entertainment.

If you are going to play a Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC games in better condition, therefore you must have good fittings. The installation pattern of Higan is very smooth.

BatGBA adversary for PC

BatGBA adversary for PC
BatGBA adversary for PC

BatGBA is an ancient GBA adversary for PC. it It is a very plain adversary and has no supplementary countenance.

BatGBa runs on all fittings, even Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC very depressed level. It is a very inconsequential opponent.

The establishment pattern concerning this adversary is very smooth and it runs principal part GBA entertainment.

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Visual Boy Advance GBA adversary for PC

Visual Boy Advance GBA opponent is one of the most aged adversaries.

But now it’s usable with bettering and you can reply that it is the individual of best choice and an adversary convenient for pc.

Visual Boy supports earlier and new PC fittings Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC.

It has supplementary physiognomy like preserve state, screen record screenshot and cheat codes.

mGBA for Mac

mGBA for Mac
mGBA for Mac

mGBA is free for Mac in addition to Windows OS. I noticed all the traits concerning this emulator above.

All these emulators are picked Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC, subsequently painstaking research and contrasting with all the free GBA emulators for PC.

These emulators will determine your accompanying high-quality knowledge of GBA outside some extra cost.

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GBA Emulator for iOS:


  • GBA4ios is a high-quality adversary for iOS ploys. Currently, iPhone X support is included. This opponent has amazing physiognomy like extreme growth, Dropbox support and cheat codes.
  • GBA has acquired plenty of celebrity and enhanced the favourite handheld wager relief for each debilitated. 
  • If you are a PC customer and forbids, be going to buy another tool for manoeuvre designed for GBA, we have a resolution. 
  • You can surely play GBA entertainment on your PC by way of a GBA adversary for PC. There are so many items and websites nothingness that state that they will determine you 
  • With the highest in rank GBA Emulators for PC, but the loyalty is, they never occur or second-hand those Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC emulators. 
  • In this item, we are tabulating the 5 Best GBA Emulators for PC later all-encompassing research and contrasting of so many GBA Emulators to guarantee you boast the unchanging occurrence of GBA on your PC smoothly outside some obstruction. These emulators help you hold the happening of risking period-style tricks on up-to-date-era PCs.


  • Feasibility to load game patches.
  • Quick game conditional and proceeding functions.
  • Multi-aperture support.
  • Runs two together Nintendo DS and GBA plot
  • Good support and growth
  • Capability to play multiplayer GBA trick
  • Amended CPU Emulation
  • Scaling and Rotation
  • Supports all MacOS computers.
  • Upholds USB joystick and gamepads
  • Reliable acting Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC
  • Possibility to speed the game’s operation.
  • Choice to create GIFs from a broadcast capture.
  • Simple control and hotkey arrangement.


Using Filmora X, you can create your gameplay of GBA trick more attractive and exciting by way of its various singular looks.

Filmora specifies you accompany the skill to increase smooth changes, superior belongings, valuable details, unusual music, and much knowledge of your gameplay for a superior result.

Cross-floor chance (Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc.)Free and open-beginning opponent
Default solutions for Windows are difficultVery aggregate user interface Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC
Simple and handy connectAllows conditional and stowing game progress
Improper functioning of default answersSetup takes a very long time and is difficult
Supports a abundant group of GBA ROMsSupports cheats and hacks
Allows conditional the game at some stage
Takes up excessive scope on the drive
Free and open-beginning GBA adversaryWorks on diversified programs like Windows, MacOS, Android, etc.
Known to have few bugsPlenty of wager cores are usable
Supports joystick controlsGaming acting maybe very adjusted from the backgrounds
Allows remapping of control solutionsLow method necessities, runs on earlier or depressed-stimulate PCs

Allows remapping of control solutions
Very slow connection 

BEST GBA Emulator for PC:

Playing Gameboy Advance trick is completely open-minded highest in rank GBA emulators for Windows bestowed above.

However, when experimenting with each opponent, we popularized the modesty of the mGBA opponent ultimate. If you are expecting a natural but strong opponent for your calculation, mGBA is a good choice.

And for the overall occurrence, we would advise Visual Boy Advance – M; it certainly is the best choice GBA adversary for PCs.

It does everything best even on reduced-end PCs and is capable of running all GBA ROMs just easily. What is the best GBA emulator for PC?


Q.1) Are GBA emulators free to load and use?

Answer – Yes, most Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulators are handy, completely free to load and use.
However, the legitimacy of downloading and utilizing ROMs (game files) is different matter and grant permission believe the area of Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC authority you’re in and either you own the original entertainment

Q.2) Can I sustain my game progress while utilizing these GBA emulators?

Answer – Yes, you can preserve your game progress while utilizing these GBA emulators.

For example, Visual Boy Advance, No Case GBA, RetroArch Pc What is the best GBA emulator for PC, and many additional emulators in our list admit you to preserve your game progress at whatever time.

Q.3) Can I use cheat codes while utilizing these GBA emulators?

Answer – Yes, you can use cheat codes while utilizing duplicate GBA emulators. Many GBA emulators support included cheat law service, admitting you to recommend and switch on cheats all along gameplay.

These cheat codes can supply miscellaneous benefits, to a degree complete lives, extra articles, or unlocking secret features.

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