VICE Emulator Download Vice Commodore 64 Emulator (PC) 2024

VICE Emulator is the singular Versatile Commodore Adversary. It determines the ambition of the Commodore macs inside a sole whole.

OverviewVICE Emulator (Versatile Commodore Emulator) is a versatile emulator that simulates various Commodore computers, including the C64, C128, VIC20, and PET. It runs as separate programs but shares the same user interface and supports the same file formats across platforms.
FeaturesCustomizable interface, troubleshooting options, fast boot, support for various disk formats (D81, D80, D71, D64), emulation of multiple 8-bit computing systems (C64, VIC-20, Plus/4, PET, CBM-II), support for various storage formats (floppy disks, cartridges, hard drives), netplay, SID chip support, save/load states, sound recording, user-friendly UI.
CompatibilityVICE Emulator is cross-platform, free, and open-source under the GPLv2 license. It supports multiple Commodore systems and file formats, making it widely compatible with various applications and games.
AlternativesYouWave, Windroy, Inbox, Archon Runtime, Happy Chick Emulator, iDos Emulator. These are alternatives that offer similar features for running Android or iOS applications on different platforms.
DownloadUsers can download VICE from the official website. Installation instructions are provided on the website.
ConclusionVICE is a popular emulator for running Commodore systems on modern computers. It offers a wide range of features, compatibility with various platforms, and is free to use. However, users may encounter bugs or compatibility issues, so consulting the manual or seeking help from the community may be necessary.
FAQsVICE can run on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It works by simulating the screen of the emulated machine in a window, replicating the functionality of a real monitor or TV set. VICE Emulator is popular due to its user-friendly interface and accurate emulation of vintage Commodore machines. The best choice for emulating VIC-20 is VICE.

The emulators run as individual programs, but have the unchanging program that controls display, share the unchanging scenes and maintain the similar file layouts.

VICE Emulator (further Versatile Commodore Emulator) is an independent Commodore adversary that maintains 8-chunk requests grown earlier C64, C128, VIC20 and PET were an element. The use itself is cross-manifesto accompanying various couples usable for various arrangements.

The Fenestra’s story supports a lightweight twofold that can mimic various types of designs that would have existed attributed to a C64 scheme like disks or cartridges.

Sin may be used to load as well as collect snapshots in addition to regulating C64 datasets to a degree record, undo, forward, start, stop, etc.

Features of VICE Emulator

VICE Emulator Download

A part of additional alternatives is vacant like the stimulated rate trend, full speed, brimming screen, television caches as well as more.

In general, VICE Emulator is an able adversary that admits you to use plenty of the various types of elements for Commodore like joysticks.

  • Customizable: Customizable backgrounds and alternatives for leading consumers.
  • Troubleshooting: Contains troubleshooting finishes for builders.
  • Fast boot: Boots fast distinguish to VICE additional emulators.
  • Diversified disc plans: Backs miscellaneous platter plans to a degree D81, D80, D71 and D64
  • Diversified emulations: Backs diversified 8-dose calculating emulations to a degree Commodore 64, VIC-20, Plus/4, PET as well as CBM-II.
  • Diversified depository designs: Imitates limp drive, Type of computer storage cartridges, hard drives and added depository VICE designs.
  • Web play: Admits two performers to link over the computer network and gamble each one.
  • SID ambition: Supports the SID chip for sounds that are pleasant, harmonized and sound imitation.
  • Sustain/Load states: Allows consumers to sustain VICE Emulator and load their game progress.
  • Sound record: Admits consumers to record their game soundtracks.
  • Appropriate UI: Smooth-to-use UI accompanying instinctive controls as well as alternatives.
  • Program record: Admits consumers to record their VICE gameplays.

Compatibility as well as License

VICE Emulator is handy, completely free and announced under the open beginning GPLv2 license on Dormers from comfort emulators. The license determines the VICE alternatives to freely load, establish, run and share this program outside some limits. 

The beginning law for Weakness endure be freely accessible and modifications are absolutely granted in addition to the alternative to check the operating system. It can help you accompany the grown iOS use utilizing various the study of computers.

VICE is another marketing adversary to love iOS apps on Windows Personal computers. As distinguished to the added related adversary, it is some high-priced, burdensome, and consumes more thrust to run all the progressive lineaments.

Alternatives of VICE Emulator

Download VICE Emulator


YouWave robot adversary is the individual to run miscellaneous robot entertainment and apps on your PC and Desktop computer.

This like a man opponent supports Bows XP 7, and 8 accompanying smooth efficiency. VICE YouWave Robot opponent suggests Lollipop like a man, that helps you in establishing new apps and trick on your arrangement.

This, like a man opponent, still creates the feature of an SD label, that admits allure consumers to preserve tricks and apps on a PC.

VICE Emulator robot opponent is very agreeable and is also fast in accomplishment. You can have the trick on your PC in a comparable habit as you spoof, you’re travelling phones. 

Through this adversary, you can log in the wanted request straightforwardly from the Like a man display, all you call for has been a Google ID, enter through your ID as well as you are ready to go.

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Windroy is a robot opponent to everything accompanying the Aperture’s essence. It is not the type of opponent that everything accompanies a person who pretends to be an expert like VirtualBox.

This adversary everything on the VICE Emulator legitimate appliance, that creates it excellent fast.

It creates the best robot countenance that you can display on your PC. What creates this like a man opponent is that you can not only log in apps and tricks but likewise can log in a few astonishing and most recent VICE Emulator 3D plots. You take the certain occurrence of utilizing a robot by downloading the Windroy Like a man adversary.

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Inbox like a man opponent admits allure consumers to run miscellaneous like a man uses and plot on Linux and GNU-located computer software for basic operation that is to say more outside the in-essence machines, two-fold-booting arrangement, and even outside the detached personal computer.

This robot adversary is thought-out a carton that can boost the entire Robot arrangement. This opponent is an open-beginning opponent VICE Emulator that admits various apps and tricks from the Google Play store and additional sites to spoof your Personal computer.

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Archon Runtime

Archon Runtime like a man adversary is famous as the first adversary that supports the Google Sunny Color computer software for basic operation.

This robot adversary supports not only Google Sunny Color but more Bays, Linux, and Desktop computer operating methods also.

This like a man adversary uses the Robot Runtime feature for running the various robot requests on differing operating arrangements noticed above VICE Emulator.

This adversary again admits you to maintain various apps and plot as a sustained enlargement, that is a singular feature concerning this like a man adversary.

Happy Chick Adversary

Satisfied Girl Opponent is an adversary made-to-order for those the one be going to boast classic plot. It is fit imitating some plank you can conceive.

One of the ultimate exhilarating and pleasing things about this manifesto is that you can take a large list of alternatives contingent upon the game.

Satisfied Girl Adversary is completely free to load and use an opponent that has pertaining to 1000 of consumers about the realm the one can use VICE Emulator to like the classic game on fenestra’s PC it all allows you to load the trick straightforwardly from allure directory when you complete a search.

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IDOS Opponent

IDOS Adversary is free to log in and use an adversary that does everything seamlessly to give you an iOS knowledge on your producing publications with computer software.

It offers a completely plain and honest connection accompanying few new and state-of-the-art countenance to transfer a better occurrence.

IDOS Opponent has pertaining to 1000 of consumers. The one can use it to retain iPhone plot and use bays PC VICE. It is again best for builders, the one being going to test and upgrade their professional requests on PC.

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Download VICE Emulator

Download VICE Emulator

All the planners can refine it and clear up all the bugs straightforwardly on the opponent. Just like the added complementary opponent, VICE Emulator likewise admits you to love iOS entertainment and requests on Aperture’s PC outside some disadvantage. 

VICE has millennia of consumers around the globe who can use it to play their favourite plot as well as an app on the personal computer.

Step 1: First visit the official site

Step 2: After logging in you can download the VICE Emulator

Step 3: Before downloading you must have installed the file

Step 4: After installation you can Download the VICE Emulator

Step 5: To Download your file, you can just simply tap on Download


Before telling us, scrutinize at the VICE Emulator Manual if your question is solved skillfully. Recognize that we bother Sin in our spare-opportunity.

So the more occasions we forbid us to answer the unchanging questions repeatedly, the more opportunity we should raise the imitation itself.

In another way, that does not mean that you concede the possibility of not contacting us, particularly if you find bugs or have implications that ability raises ambition. The list of before popular BUGS is likewise possible.


Q.1) What report of Casements can VICE chatter?

Answer – VICE Emulator may be second-hand on a calculator running Fenestra 11 or Casements 10. Former translations of the computer software for basic operation shouldn’t be a question accompanying Casements 8, Apertures 7 and Fenestella View bearing proven proven. Dormers XP is backed. It enters place two together with 32-fragment and 64-dose downloads.

Q.2) By what method does the VICE opponent work?

Answer – When the adversary is run, the screen of the imitated engine is presented in a bow that we will call the ambition dormer. This fenestration will be restored in actual time for action or event, effecting the unchanging fillings that a palpable monitor or Television set would.

Q.3) In what way or manner is the vice opponent correct?

Answer – VICE is the Flexible Commodore Adversary for Commodore calculating of the 8-shard cycle that has existed since 1993. The emulators created for one VICE crew are happily correct and contain almost all 8-shard Commodore machines always freed, in addition to a whole environment of vintage fittings instruments.

Q.4) Why is vice so common?

Answer – “Weakness’s brand countenance shopping as a nervous, modern release have aided drive allure celebrity accompanying young nation”, replies television faultfinder Charles Johnson. “Prevailing publishing is not trustworthy by plenty of families, and rightly so, so they [VICE Emulator] become involved and fill out”, he suggests. “Crowd visualize a sense of fun behind it.

Q.5) What is the best choice adversary for vic20?

Answer – Weakness (Adjustable Commodore Opponent) is the best choice to mimic a VIC-20 on Fenestra, Desktop computer and Linux. Small in amount choice, as all additional emulators or divergences of the original Weakness adversary, are immediately combined in the current VICE Emulator program. You can still find a few traditional adversaries for Do or Fenestella on computer networks.

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