Provenance Emulator for iOS 2024

Emulator NameProvenance
Supported PlatformsiOS, tvOS
Supported ConsolesAtari, Bandai, NEC, Sega, SNK, Sony, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and more
Features– Supports many consoles
– Full-speed emulation
– Audio support
– Save states
– Auto-save
– Cloud saves
– Multiplayer
– Customization
Installation– Download APK file
– Use a file manager to locate the file
– Open the APK file and install
Download Process– Use Top Store app
– Follow linked guide to download and install Top Store
– Find and install Provenance from Top Store
Highlights– No jailbreak required
– Intuitive interface
– Supports iOS 10 and above
– Cloud saves
– Customizable controls and game maps
Requirements– iOS device
– Provenance emulator installed
– ROM files for games
Pros– No jailbreak needed
– Supports many consoles
– Multiplayer support
– Easy installation
– Cloud saves and backups
Cons– Not available on the official app store
– Limited to iOS 10 and above
OverviewProvenance is a versatile emulator for iOS and tvOS that supports a wide range of consoles, offering smooth emulation, easy installation, and extensive features
ConclusionProvenance is a reliable emulator for iOS users who want to enjoy classic games on their devices without needing to jailbreak, with continuous updates and support

Provenance is an iOS & those frontends for miscellaneous emulators, upholding diversified Atari, Bandai, NEC, Game on computer, Sega, SNK and Sony relief holes. It offers smooth and correct, entire-speed ambition to present you with amazing and honest acting knowledge. 

Provenance is accompanied by a host of amazing appearances, in the way that preserve unspecified area and assault saves, boss support, mechanical Type of computer storage corresponding and Type of computer storage customizations, and many more.

Provenance supports a large group of relief methods, accompanying more about to happen. Start performing your favourite relief plot on iOS or those immediately accompanying Provenance!

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Provenance Emulator for iOS 2024
  • Supports many relieve methods
  • Singular, brimming-speed imitation
  • Radio sound
  • Preserve States (preserve unspecified area/game icy)
  • Assault Saves (native game saves)
  • Alterable Boss Cover Cloudiness
  • Mafia Game and iced Boss Support
  • Local Multiplayer by way of Extrinsic Controllers
  • Description and Countryside Introduction
  • Mechanical Type of computer storage Corresponding through Upended
  • Type of computer storage Customizations
  • Diversified Alternatives for Directing Type of computer storage, Game Saves and Cover Creativity
  • Game Bibliotheca Probing
  • iOS 9+ (iPhone, iPad) facial characteristics: 3D Touch Shortcuts, Tapti Generator Fastener Response, Spotlight Probing


This request is from a tertiary-body planner, so a mechanical amendment won’t be vacant. You will need to manually renovate the app by establishing the new form from the APK file; the former app will be fired certainly. 

  • Download APK data on the link fastener
  • Begin a File supervisor
  • Choose the binder holding the downloaded file
  • Open the file .ask
  • Press establish fastener
  • Initiate the app


Provenance Emulator for iOS 2024

You can’t take Provenance from the app store, and you can’t log in it straightforwardly. Alternatively, you must log in an app installer named Top Store app, here’s by means of what.

  • Use the steps at the connected guide to load Top Store or tap on Download
  • Open Top Store, find Provenance and log in it
  • Begin Trek gateway, open this page and tap to load the Provenance Pronunciation system file
  • Open Astore on your iPhone or iPad
  • Find and tap the + enlist the app home screen
  • You will visualize the Pronunciation system files you have equipped on your scheme; tap on Provenance in the list
  • If requested, recommendation your Sphere ID and identification so the Pronunciation system file maybe equipped and therefore wait
  • When Provenance has happened equipped, the image acts your home screen and is further applicable by way of the apps division of Astore

Provenance Highlights:

It is still likely to establish the app on ploys not noticed above, but we cannot guarantee allure decent functioning. We advise support up the ploy on that the app will be equipped before operating some establishment of tertiary-body apps not from the official app Store.

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  • Smooth to attend log in demands
  • Handy app connect form traveling smooth
  • No escape and no embedding
  • Supports all schemes that can run iOS 10 and above
  • Everything on Like a man 4, smart TV, and TV boxes
  • Supports diversified consoles – Game on computer, PPSSPP, Game on computer, GBA, and more
  • All ages and game choices provided for – all your choices are contained
  • Gamble possible choice accompanying complete support for connected to the internet multiplayer wager
  • You can record your gameplay and share it accompanying possible choice utilizing Bluetooth or Wi-fi
  • Wi-Fi isn’t wanted for all trick as few multiplayers connected to the internet plot are take advantage of local servers
  • Never mislay game dossier repeated – cloud attendant depository admits for syncing and fast, secure game downloading
  • Individual-click-play backed; you don’t need additional opponent each game
  • The capability to conceive your own game maps and game controls
  • Abundance more countenance


Provenance Emulator for iOS 2024

If you are utilizing individual of the later iOS ploys, it will be 2FA-allowed and you are inclined to encounter a mistake when you try to use Cydia Impactor. Make use of App-Distinguishing Identification and produce individuals. Copy it to your clipboard.

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  • Provenance opponent equipped on your ploy
  • The game Type of computer storage you be going to establish
  • Understand these steps:
  • Initiate the Trek gateway on your tool
  • Find the game Type of computer storage you want – use prominent beginnings only – and load it to your manoeuvre
  • Find the Type of computer storage in your downloads file and tap it
  • Tap on Open in Provenance and the game will be amounted to the adversary
  • Tap the image on Provenance and Savor your game

Highlights and function of Provenance

Beginnings control what apps are vacant to log in through Astore. Adjoining beginnings will cause more apps to perform in the Flip through ticket, and will admit Astore to without thinking check for app modernizes.

To survive your Astore beginnings, tap “Beginnings” in the top-right corner of the Scan label. Skilled, you can tap the” +” knob to increase a beginning by coming to the allure URL, or long-press a beginning and press” Away” to kill it from your Astore.

Now, skilled is not a cautious system for you to establish the app to your tool(s) from the WWW by way of netting-signing—some 3rd body sites accommodating the app are banned or signed apiece by the Provenance crew. Do empty bureaucracy.

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  • Netting: We are expecting a netting dev (rather a dev/creator mixture) that can help us improve and uphold us .com (WordPress).
  • Content: We are expecting advocates who are concerned in record content for YouTube accompanying the app lethargy.
  • Moderators: We are expecting moderators for our Noise to help claim and moderate the society. If curious, start by touching our Noise and serving additional consumers to boost your rank in the levels structure that awards occurrence for consumer partnership.
  • Assistants: Don’t mention it to offer help to new consumers in the #help channel on our Noise.
  • Schemes as traditional as iPad 2 bear increase to 16 fragment creation structures


  • No need to escape iOS schemes.
  • Instinctive connect and easy guiding along route, often over water inside the request.
  • Agreeable accompanying a type of consoles in the way that PPSSPP, GBA, Game on computer, and more.
  • It offers inclusive support for connected to the internet wager.
  • You can record gameplay and share it with the remainder of something over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Cloud dossier guarantees that you won’t drop your game progress all the while downloads.
  • You have the alternative to tailor-make your game controls and maps.
  • Sure, multiplayer entertainment doesn’t make Wi-Fi necessary because they allow you to spoof local servers.
  • This opponent is agreeable accompanying iOS manoeuvres running iOS renditions 10 and above.


  • The Provenance opponent app for Like a man OS supports support for diversified consoles in individual apps, allowing you to play some relieved-located game accompanying an alone tap.
  • You can load the Provenance app from the links beneath.
  • You are constitutionally admitted to create private auxiliary copies of your own obtained trick for private use as Type of computer storage.
  • Everything except for this, you act your own.


Provenance Emulator for iOS 2024

Provenance is an amazing type of computer storage opponent for the AppleTV. But the current geography isn’t very appropriate if you have an abundant book repository. This re-design helps the classification trick to form probing and finding smoothness.

Folk frequently plays a smattering of entertainment at an opportunity. A suggestion of correction making the consumer streamer through rows and rows of plot, a ‘Currently Gambled’ division keeps the ruling class front and centre.

The game detail page is ‘likable to have,’ because it would demand an abundant table to attract game information from. I’m undecided if this now survives.

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All the restores have new fixes and optimizations, but their uniformly changeable type means that little experiment has existed, accomplished on bureaucracy and obscure bugs grant permission to perform.


  1. Does this opponent support multiplayer service?

Agreed, this relieves adversaries offering multiplayer support, admitting you to dawdle companions connected to the internet.

  1. What scheme necessities are wanted to flatten adversaries?

Structure necessities change contingent upon the adversary and the comfort being followed suit. Mainly, a new design accompanying an appropriate Computer and GPU is urged.

  1. Are computer storage and game files containing the opponent, or do I need to find bureaucracy alone?

Emulators usually do not create Type of computer storage or game files on account of control limits. You’ll need to begin these files alone.

  1. Can I use original game controllers at this moment to comfort the adversary?

Agreed, the adversary supports original game controllers. You concede the possibility that you need to construct the adversary scenes to use the distinguishing boss.

  1. Are skilled some permissible concerns when utilizing relieve emulators and Type of computer storage?

Agreed, the legitimacy of utilizing emulators and Type of computer storage can change by country and area of authority. It’s mainly to guarantee you have the civil liberties to use the entertainment you’re imitating.

  1. Why does Provenance not establish itself?

Confirm you trail each step when establishing. Do not miss all or form some acceptances. If fastened, concern the Department dealing with customers. If still perplexed…ask for help on our Noise.

  1. What structures are financed?

An adequate list of now backed structures may establish the Backed Plans wiki. In this place design, entertainment is categorized by game order folders, before type classification

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