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14 Jan, 2020

Step Forward to Tailwind CSS

What is Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS is a utility-based CSS library. Nowadays tailwind gained a lot of attention because of its unique algorithm. Tailwind is not a UI kit and not like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Bulma. Tailwind does not have build-in UI components and neither default theme. The link of tailwindcss open source repository is here GitHub. Why Tailwind CSS […]
14 Jan, 2020

Top 5 Outstanding Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2020

1: Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme Ecommerce WordPress theme Porto is a perfect theme for Beginners and Professionals. No codding required for this theme. Several years among Porto become the word’s most popular Ecommerce WordPress theme. Porto uses for multipurpose. It is the best choice for creating an online shopping store. 90+ demos are included and […]
11 Jan, 2020

Amazon Robots in Warehouse to Buy Under $200

Sphero Ollie: Amazon Robots in Warehouse Buy: Click to Buy Price List Price: $99.99 Price: $43.00 You Save: $56.99 (57%) Meet Ollie the app-controlled robot and driven by adrenaline this rough-and-tumble Roller lives for only two things speed and tricks. This is available on Amazon Robots in Warehouse. Overview Core Features: Built to go wicked fast […]
10 Jan, 2020

8 Amazing Gadgets For Dogs You Must Have

Having a pet is not a problem but it comes with a great cost in this article we will explore very useful gadgets that will help you to be a good and responsible pet owner lets explore. 1. HurriK9 Buy: Overview The Hurrik9 like the name implies is an extremely durable new toy for the edgiest […]
8 Jan, 2020
6 Jan, 2020