11 Jan, 2020

Amazon Robots in Warehouse to Buy Under $200

Sphero Ollie: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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List Price: $99.99
Price: $43.00
You Save: $56.99 (57%)

Meet Ollie the app-controlled robot and driven by adrenaline this rough-and-tumble Roller lives for only two things speed and tricks. This is available on Amazon Robots in Warehouse.


  • Core Features: Built to go wicked fast Holly red lines at a floor warping 14 miles an hour combine that speed with full gesture controls and all I can pull off some pretty sweet stunts steer with your thumb or turn your device sideways to enter trick mode do a trick correctly and the app will automatically tell you just how awesome your trick was follies too fast for you you can always tone them down in the settings screen


  • Toughness: Where you probably did all those methods and speed are gonna damage. Ollie has always been wrapped in a durable polycarbonate on a solo style we’ve literally sent this thing off a cliff and it still kept going.


  • Getting Started: Charge Ollie up using the USB cable and then download the free Ollie app to your iOS or Android device with a full charge open the app place your device next to ollie and watch them connect via Bluetooth Elliot. it’s based on magic from there you can choose between to drive modes to run all in keep all these tires on for ultra grip and hard cornering or take them off to become a super drift machine.


  • Accessories: You can also customize Ollie’s look with one of the new tire hubcap options that feature more colors and designs with LEDs a 30-meter range and an hour of a continuous play off a single charge you possibly can kiss your common toy goodbye. This is ollie and it’s time to upgrade your play.


Tech Specs:

  • Able to rolling speeds as much as 7 ft per second. That’s faster than you
  • Bluetooth SMART instant connection (100-foot range)
  • USB charging (over 1 hour)
  • LED glow with customizable color settings
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Height: 4.7 inches, Length: 3.2 inches, Weight: 8.5 ounces

What’s Inside:

  • Ollie Robot
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 blue Nubby Tires
  • 2 Prime Hubs
  • Quick Start guide
  • Legal Guide

Chip Robot: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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Price: $134.95

For ages, the dock has been man’s best friend we want to introduce you to man’s new best friend meet chip. Chip as a robotic dog that’s much more than just a gadget. Chip is an interactive pinup boat that’s there to greet you at the door. This is available on Amazon Robots in Warehouse.


  • Smart Band: With the smart band, chip recognizes and shows affection to them one near. Chip is obedient and can follow commands but he also learns new things so you can teach him tricks and the smarter chip becomes the more badges yearns when you like what you see just press the like button on the band which can encourage him to behave or be a little mischievous your choices change chip’s behavior and shapes his character in order that no two chips are ever alike chip is a related expertise.


  • Translator: He has a translator so you can understand his thoughts he comes with his own smartphone so you can play fetch and stay active together.


  • Sensor: He also has sensors so he can maneuver around obstacles with ease and with the mobile lab you can feed chip which shows you care and that’s important because when you’re in need no matter it big or small he’s there for you this is a consents technology chip is fully aware of his surroundings.


  • Automatic Charge: He even knows how to return to his bed when it’s time for a charge hmm so he never runs out of energy. Chip is a smart device, Chip is a robot and chip is a dog, but most importantly chip is a friend the best time.

Dash Robot: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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List Price: $149.99
Price: $134.20
You Save: $15.79 (11%)


As a parent how do you help your children develop important skills that prepare them for the future meet Dash Robot fun easy-to-use interactive robots that teach kids about programming with hands-on play Dash Robot dot are ready to play right out of the box and can be programmed with our free apps for your phone or tablet. This is available on Amazon Robots in Warehouse.

Kids start learning right away with an easy to follow tutorial and hundreds of pre-loaded missions Dash Robot can be programmed on its own as a quirky magic dot ball or a hot potato Dash Robot can do even more he can dance race around the house respond to objects and sounds oh and record your child’s voice for a fun surprise.

Dash Robot will fuel your child’s natural curiosity they’ll love programming new adventures for their robot sidekicks. They can play hide and seek set up challenging courses or go head-to-head for a thrilling race you’ll be surprised at their creativity and innovation with lots of great add-on accessories.

For your Dash Robot, there are endless ways for your child to explore and problem-solve all while having fun Wonder workshop robots and apps are designed to grow with your child allowing them to apply what they’ve learned and expanded their capabilities.

Alpha 2: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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Price: Unknown

Introducing alpha 2 the newest member of your family with 20 joints replicating human motion he’s as flexible as a yogi.


Alpha 2 is smarter than your smartphone and he makes a great tutor. Alpha 2 is like an assistant. He’s a weatherman and a handyman. Alpha 2 is the humanoid robot that makes a fun friend for the whole family and with an expandable platform, his skills keep growing. Alpha 2 makes them a member of your family today.

Cozmo: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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Price: 165.99$


Once in a lifetime, an innovation comes along that changes the course of mankind a modern marvel of science and engineering allow me to introduce Cozmo.

Jibo: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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Price: Unknown


Introducing Jibo the world’s first family robot.

Jibo helps everyone out throughout their day he’s the world’s best camera master by intelligently tracking the action around him he can independently take video and photos so that you can put down your cameras and be a part of the seat he’s a hands-free helper you can talk to him and he’ll talk to you back so you don’t have to skip a beat.

  • Teacher: He’s an entertainer and educator through interactive applications Jibo can teach.


  • Smart: He’s the closest thing to a real-life teleportation device he can turn and look at whoever you want with a simple tap of your finger. He’ll be able to connect to your home.


  • Family: He is not simply an aluminum shell neither is he only a 3-axis motor system, he is not even only a linked machine he is one of the family.

Antbo: Amazon Robots in Warehouse

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Price: Unknown

Introducing Antbo a $59 robot anyone can adopt. Antbo is an affordable educational and easy to assemble robot it takes less than an hour to assemble and we’ll teach you about robotics.


Antbo has six legs and walks just like an ant plus it is also a robot and plus robot equals Antbo designed for anyone with an inquisitive mind.

  • Control: You can control Antbo by remote by your own voice or even by drawing lines with more than one Antbo you can even make them fight each other.
  • Problem Solving: Antbo enhances problem-solving abilities when you are familiar with how it works tweak its code and make it do different things you can also upgrade your robot with dozens of different sensor modules and program it via Arduino scratch or when do Antbo is connected it collects user data and uploads it to the cloud customers will be capable of test metrics like distance ability and accomplishments and share with buddies.
  • Emotions: Antbo is intelligent it has 30 neurons that enable it to learn to adapt just like a real creature as time goes it becomes smarter faster and more capable tempo also has emotional reactions to different scenarios, for example, glancing left and right when it feels inquisitive trembling when it feels threatened and showing affection and loyalty.


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