10 Jan, 2020

8 Amazing Gadgets For Dogs You Must Have

Having a pet is not a problem but it comes with a great cost in this article we will explore very useful gadgets that will help you to be a good and responsible pet owner lets explore.

1. HurriK9

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The Hurrik9 like the name implies is an extremely durable new toy for the edgiest of pooches it is an ultra-modern take on the traditional game of fetch with an innovative 100-plus foot gravity-defying flying ring launcher using this device makes your other dog toy seem primitive so don’t be surprised if your pooch decides not to play with ordinary plastic fetch toys after this it has a unique ring launcher built to give your dog maximum exercise in just a fraction of the time and that is constructed from durable EDA foam is built to withstand the sharpest teeth it is a durable floating device which ensures maximum fun for the whole family with an added futuristic twist.

2. Poochy

More Info: https://www.poochy.com/shop/


At this point you’ve probably normalized scooping up poop with your hands Moo poochie is a hands-free device that keeps your hands clean it ranks as one of the crucial in style and very simple to use indoor and outdoor devices. On the market it was initially designed as a tool for the blind to help them streamline pick up but Poochie has since evolved to be the all popular tool that it is today the Poochie is popular because it works and most pet owners have reported fantastic experiences with the product especially during loss the Poochie has a comfortable and seamless design with a clip made from the highest quality rubber cushions it’s extremely comfortable for your dog’s tail and yet secure enough to stay in place while it runs the Poochie can handle up to 99 pounds of poop ensuring that you never again have to scoop poop.

3. Home Pet Spa

More Info: https://homepetspa.com


The Home Pet Spa is an advanced washing and grooming bathing station that offers a fun experience for you and your favorite pooch its unique design offers 360-degree access to your pet together with an entry and exit door. It also has an optional platform which raises the station off the ground around 12 centimeters so you don’t have to strain your back bending over a low back and it’s attached wheels provide effortless maneuverability in order to use the home pet spa your dog must be less than 30 inches in height and 24 inches in length. The entire bathing station is easy to store in your house and equipped with features like mist Jets for total soaking entry and exit doors and extendable flexible drain.



4. Disko Dog

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The disco dog is fun for the whole family it is a new smartphone-controlled led dog vest it was created by party NYC and it works by displaying a range of animated patterns and customs growing tax than thousands of colors you can choose the particular animation or tax with the use of a fun disco dog application on your smartphone this device serves the dual function of providing entertainment for you and your dog and keeping it visible and safe when it’s dark out it also serves an additional function when your dog runs too far you lose the connection and a largely lost dog message is displayed on the tank which alerts bystanders to help the lost pup find its way back it produces thousands of colors made with 256 RGB LEDs with a Bluetooth low-energy chip all these are powered by a 3.7-volt lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

5. Wigzi Dual Doggy

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Every good boy loves walks the Wigzi dual doggy is an innovative leash system that can help you walk two dogs at a time design for owners of multiple pets this device is a double clip retractable leash that allows individual control over each dog, it makes use of color-coding to ensure that you never get the colors mixed up and a new dual doggie spinning action works to prevent entanglement for a safer and more enjoyable walk it also has a newly patented gel handle technology that packs lots of soft gel inside every handle which protects your hand from friction and it is available in small medium and large sizes.

6. Outward Hound Life Vests

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Some dogs can swim but will you really take that risk outward hound life vests were inspired by Colorado’s Lake Stanley and were designed as the ideal life jacket for your loved one it works with the use of a custom neoprene side panel which keeps your dog afloat while protecting it from the elements it is constructed to offer maximum range of motion and top performance as well as durability to help withstand active refuse it is equipped with double handles for emergency lifting a leash attachment for easy restraint mesh belly band for water drainage and a unique sternum design for top performance fit to keep your dog safe and healthy in every environment try the outward hound life vest.

7. Shed Defender

More Info: https://amzn.to/2FCb29V


Dogs are lovely but for people who have allergies or just love to have a clean home they’re shedding maybe a bit of a problem as a dog owner myself I’ve tried everything from fancy shampoos to grooming products in an effort to stop this problem but it seems like nothing works shed defender claims to be able to significantly reduce this problem with the aid of their custom cloth made up of shed tacks a proprietary and eco-friendly polyester this spandex athletic mesh fabric allows the dog to stay cool and comfortable this contraption is said to be able to prevent excessive shedding while remaining lightweight breathable and comfortable for your dog it is available in nine sizes that fit dogs from five pounds up to dogs that weigh over 200 pounds and it is recyclable after use.

8. Brilliant Pad

scuffleMore Info: https://www.brilliantpad.com


The brilliant pad was designed for those moments when your dog really needs to go but you aren’t ready to when dogs need to go they need to go but sometimes bad weather sleep or work prevents us from helping them unleash their stinky poop on the world what the brilliant pad does is that it serves as an amazing indoor self-cleaning potty pad system which takes care of your dogs potty needs when you can it works by absorbing liquids and dries them out into solids ensuring proper hygiene by constantly replacing use pads with a fresh clean look it has a custom design barrier lining rack to lock away and reduce odor and the entire system can be used hands-off for up to weeks at a time disposal of the brilliant pad is very quick and easy all you have to do is replace the used bra with a new one and each row contains about 27 traditional pads aside from being a better design the brilliant pad is also made up of more environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

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